What makes Henessy Real Estate unique?

At Hennessy Real Estate our goal is clear, to build a brilliant business where sellers and buyers get want they want — simple, straightforward advice and expert assistance in selling or purchasing a property.

In essence, this is a very simple process. Our role is to bring together the right buyer and the right seller and then help facilitate the sale of the property.

Easy, right? Well it should be. The difficulty arises from that part of our genetic make-up called human emotions. Selling or buying a house is for most of us an emotional time. Buyers want to buy as cheap as possible for fear of paying too much, and sellers want to get the maximum price for fear of selling too cheap.

Starting to see the problem here? Sometimes our fears are our worst enemies when it comes to getting what we really want, a sale if you are the seller and a great new home if you are the buyer.

So how can we help with this age-old conundrum?

Well you have all heard the saying knowledge is power. What does that really mean? I believe that the more knowledge and information our clients have, then the easier it becomes for you to make the decision that is right for your unique circumstances.



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Our goal is 100% client satisfaction as we truly strive to “exceed your expectations”. Whether you are selling your property, renting your property, looking to buy or looking to rent, we look forward to the opportunity to “exceed your expectations”.

Our job is to provide you, both sellers and buyers, with this knowledge and this power.

Let’s say that you as the seller have been through an extensive marketing campaign, during which we have communicated with you 4-5 times per week (even if there are no inspections occurring), taken well-qualified buyers through your property, provided quality feedback after every inspection and given excellent advice about how to present and showcase the home in its best possible light.

Then finally in comes the long awaited offer. You are now in an excellent position to judge the offer on its merits, without the fear or worry of having left ‘money on the table’ or having sold it too cheaply.

Likewise, if you are out to buy your next dream home then we can help provide the knowledge that empowers you in your home hunting. For example, how would you like to know the price that every house sold for over the last 6 months, in the area that you are looking to buy in? Would that help you feel more comfortable deciding on what offer to submit on which house? Or how about an agent who just genuinely listens to what you want in your new property and then goes and finds properties that are right for you?

These are the services that we provide at Hennessy Real Estate. Just simple, straightforward advice and expert assistance to make your next experience in selling or purchasing a property exceed your expectations!

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Lest we forget.

Happy 18th birthday to our amazing receptionist Paige! We hope you have a great day! 🥂 ... See MoreSee Less

Happy 18th birthday to our amazing receptionist Paige! We hope you have a great day! 🥂


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Happy birthday Paige 🎉🎂

Had a great time last night xxxx

Happy 18th Paige!!

Happy birthday! 🎉🎉

Happiest of birthdays sweetie ,...hope it’s a ripper day!!

Happy Birthday 🥳

Go that Smile .. paige you rock today and always

Thank you guys 💕

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